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FT. LAUDERDALE DAILY NEWS. Thurs.. Mar. 3. 195S SPECIAL NORTH BROWARD PAGE est, Duty - In The' Coast .Giiardl9 Liffhthomse Last Long, ont Four Seamen Y heir lour But Era toy - ---' 1 t y ' A LONG WAY DOWN It's down ond oround you go to reach the bottom of the tower. Lighthouse tenders have climbed these steps since 1907, when the tower was placed in operation. Coast Guardsmen don't make the climb often any more, for visual checks of the light beam are made from the ground. However, a curtain must be drawn over the lens during daylight hours." rr i , '' v I i hi "THE proud and POINT" Standing erect as in the days when the sur rounding area was a virtual wilderness, the Hillsboro lighthouse has long been a Broward County landmark. The first light-tenders lived in the tower, but Coast Guardsmen on, duty there now stay in nearby watch stander's quarters. A 75-foot-high radio antenna for the radio transmitter room is at right background. FRESH-CAUGHT FISH FRIED Leo J. Corti Jr., boatswain's mate, fries some jack crevalle he had just caught ct the point. The Coast Guard crew there has oil the comforts of home in watch stander's quarters. Corti, a Miamianj has been stationed ot the lighthouse for nine months and lives with his wife at a nearby trailer camp. Dr. Carlson Found Pompano Ideal Spot An Intensive, two-year search Carlson said, adding, "many of that ranged from Miami to Westjour school teachers through the Palm Bsarii for a si e th a tjyears have been former students would fit the needs of the c Dun- who have returned to teach trya first residential and dayoHier cerebral palsied children school for children and adults and give them the valuable afflicted with cerebral palsy end-! benefit of their own experiences ed in Pompano Beach for Dr. In finding a place in the world Earl R. Carlson. Once the neu- "Present head of the educa- rologist and his wife found thetion department, Dr. Theo A. property Wahoo Lodge, the ne- Bretscher, has three college de gotiatlons took less than twgrees B.A., MA., and PhX." .1 nours- "One of the most interesting "We decided upon this site, developments in the Carlson because it offered so much in School have been the 40 mar the way of an excellent school Jriages between cerebral palsied building, adequate recreation students which have taken space and a somewhat isolated; place. Many of these marriages location at least at that time.' ihave resulted in the birth of Dr. Carlsori said yesterday, in normal, healthy babies and hap- telling how the Carlson School py family lives. There has not was founded in Pompano Beach been one instance of a cerebral after the project had been oper- palsied baby having been born ated in Miami for a brief pe-jto any of our school couples," riod. The school is operated Dr. Carlson pointed out. under the auspices of the Carl-j Cerebral palsy, he pointed out, son Foundation, Inc., a non- in an interview today with The profit organization founded for Daily News, is one of the great the welfare of the cerebral pal- scourges of mankind. There are Roan, Popper Jamboree Set POMPANO BE AC II Preparations for the 10th annual Bean and , Pepper Jamboree May 20 are being made by Sterling McClellen Post, American Legion. The Legion has appointed Joe Allison as general chairman of the event which will take place at the Pompano State Farmers market. The Jamboree officially ends the winter vegetable season and usually Is attended by thousands of North Broward residents. Arrangements are being made to feature a barbecue and a beauty contest. persons afflicted sled. over 300,000 At the time of the sale. United States the Wahoo Lodge was owned and the world total is by II. C. Jeiks and his mother,! Ing. in the with it, stagger- Mrs. Attie Moore Jelks. The lodge, built by Jelks father a number of years previous to its sale to Dr. and Mrs. Carlson in the fall of 1937, had been operated as a hotel. The building itself is a 30-room, two-story tile and stucco structure with wide porches. All but three of its rooms overlook the ocean. A spacious lobby and large dining room are finished in peeky cypress. A three- bedroom white cottage, now the License Sales Reach 7,000, Chamber Says In his work as a specialist in cerebral palsy. Dr. Carlson has lectured and held clinics in every state in the union and in 28 foreign countries. This activity has brought val- POMPANO BEACH The North Broward license plate agency passed the 7,000 sale mark today. Officials of the Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring the agency, reported that light sales are expected to continue until the state cracks down on drivers who have not yet obtained their new tags. Lyle Weaver, secretary-man ager, reported that the Chamber By DICK MEYER Daily News Staff Reporter . The best duty in the Coast Guard!" That's what Clarence L. Miller, boatsman's mate first class, calls the life he and three other Coast Guardsmen lead at historic Hillsboro lighthouse, "Pleasant duty, living with your family, and all sorts of recreation fishing, swimming, boating what more can a guy ask for?" Miller is in charge of the lighthouse "base" and like his buddies at Lighthouse Point feels he is doing a worthwhile job while enjoying Broward County's sunshine. Miller, 28, is a walking and talking testimonial for this Gold Coast when he visits his home town. Blue Ridge, Ga. The Bun beams more friendly to him than to most, for his prior TJSCO assignment was at a lighthouse 100 miles from Ketchikan, Alaska, "and there was nothing In between." FAMILY COMFORTABLE Now, his wife and two children live "on board," in neat government quarters a few paces from the lighthouse. If the Hillsboro crew is "nervous in the service" it's because their luck may be running too unbelievably good to last much longer. Still, the present Guard unit has been around an average of six months each man, and some men remain at the Point for years before being transferred. ' - The other lighthouse tenders Louis Martin, 22: ! Corti Jr., 21; and Washington D. Tolson, 35 are from Miami; all are married, and their families are In this area. - Martin has seen service only in Florida, formerly being stationed in Cocoa and Miami, so he doesn't know for sure that Miller is right about Hillsboro being the best duty to be had. However, hell settle that "it can't be beat anywhere along the East Coast." ' Corti is supposed to be the best fisherman at the point. He won that distinction the night he landed eight big bluefish between watches. The boys ate well that evening in the watch tender's quarters. "We never had it so good," the Guardsmen Joke as they show guests about the watch tender's quarters. There's a game room, television set, radio, comfortable beds and an inviting kitchen. - ' The servicemen are at the Point mainly to stand watch and to do maintenance work. They wear fatigue uniforms except when Rear Adm. Alfred C. Richmond, Coast Guard commandant, comes down from Washington with his family to visit his winter quarters at the pooint.Then, the enlisted men don their "whites" and, of course, a more formal atmosphere prevails. Tourists ask the lighthouse crew many times daily about the place and its history. "We try to answer truthfully." Corti explains, "but the truth is we're not too familiar with the history of the lighthouse. The stories we hear we try to remember, but so often they con flict." . :. The yarns about the old place do vary. Old-timers say that y the lighthouse was exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904, shipped to its present location and reassembled in 1907. The lenses were supposed to have been part of the French government display at the '04 exposition, and are said to have been purchased for use here instead of being returned to Paris. ' However, The Daily News Washington Bureau refuted this story in 1951 after digging into national archives of the long-defunct national lighthouse board. This source has the lighthouse being built in Detroit in 1905-06 by jth Russell Wheel and Potmdry Co. :,J--: " : There also are scores of tales of how James E. Hamilton, sometimes called "the bare-foot mailman" lost his life at the point. Hamilton drowned or was attacked by an alligator while swimming, according to most stories. Anyway, the Lake Worth Pioneer Association erected monument to Hamilton in 1936 near the lighthouse. It reads, "In memory of James E. Hamilton, TJ. S. mail carrier who lost . his life here in line of duty, Oct. 11, 1887." The Guardsmen pass on the legends about the "bare-foot mailman' and tell the public what Coast Guard manuals say about the lighthouse. . . The lighthouse is listed s 136-foot high from the focal point of the light to the base of the structure. It has a 5,500,000 candle power and can be seen 18 miles at sea. The octagonal pyramidal iron skeleton tower has a central stair cylinder, and the lower third of the tower is white, the remainder black. , v The lighthouse bulbs which are magnified to such majestic proportion aren't much larger than a regular house bulb. They contain 250 watts and 115 volts each. -- .Beams for the lighthouse are seen from an hour before sunset to an hour after sunrise. When electricity fails, an auxiliary power unit automatically supplies power to the lighthouse and a radio beacon. At least two Guardsmen always are at the point but it Isn't necessary for them to enter the lighthouse except when drawing a thick curtain over the lens as protection from sunlight. If this weren't done, power lines leading to the four ever-lit bulbs would catch fire. ; The servicemen also give daily visual checks to lights In Hillsboro River and Hillsboro Inlet, and have a small boat for short "runs". If distress calls are received over the ship-to-shore radio these are referred to Miami. A radio beacon signal the letter "Q" in Morse code is put out six times each hour from the point transmitter room. A 75-foot high antenna Is north of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is the brightest, on the east coast of the United States, and is one of the Atlantic' coast's major navigation aids. . . . , "Our job has a certain monotony but the four of us get along well and we find lots of time for recreation," Guardsman Miller says. ' The role of- tending the curtain over the eight-foot lenses can get a bit boring, particularly when going up the 186 steps to the lamp room.: - , But Miller, Martin,. Corti and Tolson will be much less satisfied Coast Guardsmen when orders come transferring them away from the lighthouse. -I i "BAREFOOT MAILMAN" REMEMBERED Clarence L. Miller, in charge of a ' detail of Coast Guardsmen at Hillsboro point, shows his daughter, Ann, 4Vi, a marker recalling that IDillj New phU bf Km Davit.) James E. Hamilton, U. S. mail carrier, lost his life off the point on Oct. 11, 1887, in line of duty. The marker is captioned, 'The Mail Must Go." 37 ' V,CV 7-77 v. - ? - Vv - V. r N 1- 7 4 v x , 'S ( i i '7 4H 1 i; ,J Vs v I iT?" ''7:7 i;4 INSPECTION CHECK Miller checks . the. lighthouse lens to see 'that the J glass is clean before drawing a curtain over the. lens. The lighthouse has withstood physical damage from hurricanes. In the 1926 storm, however, the tower swayed to a point so that mercury, on which the lenses are mounted to prevent friction, was dashed from its container. t -K' " 7 FAMILY LIFE BY THE TOWER "Bob" Miller swings his daughter outside the home provided by the Coast Guard for his family. The servicemen -are popular residents of the Hillsboro area. Last year a Guardsman rescued a drowning man from the ocean, and an object which washed ashore nearby was identified at the base as a Navy roll . (wave) recorder, not a depth ' charge, as some civilians had feared. Beach, and Carlson has re celved over 100.000 letters of inquiry. The school has regis-! tered students from many foreign countries. j A native of Minneapolis. home of the Carlsons while in imr.t v.inioe -rinn!. Florida, was completed three, mJured at birth. His mother tu-years ago. !1J; tored him and later, through the years ago. Other buildings on friendship of a newspaper pub-the property include the school ;llsher he f0t a position in the house, an occupational therapy;lihrnrT ,t th. TTnivifir f building, a utUity house and 8a-(Minnesota. At this age he was! . I scarcely able to feed or dress The Pompano Beach property ; himself. rsr.ite his handirans U the winter headquarters for;h- vrAnA. latr -ttnrii uable publicity to Pompano. expects to realize about $3,500 in fees from the agency this year. But added that most of the profits will be "used to pay for equipment necessary in organizing the office ." The department employs three workers. Weaver said tnis number will be cut down when the rush ends. , .. . : - Recent permits have broken zoning restrictions in Lae, New Guinea, which were designed to segregate European and Chinese residents. Golf Course Popular Spot POMPANO BEACH Now 'ship is about 250, and that ap it., i .ii i l m I luai, uus cny nas a gou course oroximatelv 80 Dr cmiI: f t.h. the old . timers are getting out; the clubs for a bit of exercise. Play at the 18-hole municipal course, which opened recently, is averaging 200 rounds a day. and Ray Daley, club profession al, reports that as many as 250 golfers tour the layout on come days. So. many. Pompano Beach rolfers are back in business that meetings soon will be held to form men's and women's golf associations here. The .regular green fee is $3, but 20-play books are available for visitors. Daley said that club member- per members are permanent rest dents. Quite a few hadn't had a club in their hands for years oeiore me run is holes were opened at the country club on Feb. 15. Dream Come True9 Ground-Brealdng Ceremony Starts New Garden Center ' POMPANO BEACH Interested citizens of the city are eager to learn what the new Garden Center building is going to be like. More . than 50 civic-minded residents and members attended "ground breaking" ceremonies last Wednesday and work on the building was started immediately. Bin. Keith Padgett, 1417 N. Pompano C-C To Expand POMPANO BEACH Addi tions to the Chamber of Commerce building will enable the Chamber to expand its activi ties, Lyle Weaver, secretary-manager, reported today. i Weaver said the organization has approximately $5,000 available in its building fund. Plans are in the hands of architects, who expect to begin work within the next few months. - Construction of additional of fice space and meeting room in the rear of the present structure will accommodate the organiza tion's tag agency business and permit officers to transact busi ness in larger quarters. A great scaffold has made possible the repair of the Albert Memorial in Kensington, England, which was damaged by invading planes in November, 1940. CHAMBER BROCHURE TELLS CITY HISTORY POMPANO BEACH A two fold Chamber of Commerce bro chure, depicting the community's landmarks and attractions, will be printed this weekend. Chamber officials reported that the brochure will detail many city improvements and will be available to any one. Ocean Blvd., chairman of the Garden Club building commit tee for almost a year, is responsible for making the club's "dream" come true by her un tiring efforts working with builders and architects, attending to legal matters, and con ducting meetings with her co-workers on the building committee. They are Mrs. Tom Walton, Mrs. William K. McLean. Mrs, P. K. Walker, Mrs. Ida Flowers, Mrs. C. R. Mayes Jr., Mrs. Frank Montgomery. Mrs. George Banks, Mrs. A.- J, Earley, Mrs: W. H. Wilson. Mrs. John Flancher, Mrs. Lyn Sanders, and Mrs. Frances Newton. The 48-foot square C&.S structure will face Atlantic Blvd. and will include a large meeting room with tables built along the walls for flower shows, a library, well appointed kitchen and rest room. Cost is estimated at $15,959. ine ounaing is designed so that additions may be made when there is a need for expan sion and there will be ample parmng space , FBI Holding Youth Sought For Car Theft POMPANO BEACH Police today are 'checking reports that the FBI in Chicago had arrested a young man wanted for absconding with $700 here and stealing a car from a Boca Ra ton Club telephone operator. The man, known as Wayne Tucksen while in this vicinity, borrowed the car. While stopping at the Joe Marquart service station, Hillsboro Inlet, several . weeks ago, he volunteered to take a $700 deposit to a Pompano Beach bank and was never seen again, police said. . According to information received by police, a Wayne Woods was arrested in Chicago while driving the car. Charges of deserting, from the Army were filed against him, police said. FIRST ASSIGNMENT FOR STREET GRADER POMPANO BEACH This cijy's newest street motor grader was given its first assignment yesterday leveling off the site for the proposed municipal tennis courts. City officials said the machine, which is expected to save money In reconditioning streets and handling heavy grading work, will be "kept busy" during the next year. the Carlson School where more than 1.500 cerebral palsied students have received treatment and education from kindergar- Princeton University and finally obtained his medical degree at Yale in 1931. He has written a book titled. ten to college since its opening .-Bom That Way .. whkh nas here. GRADUATES SUCCEED "Quite a few of our gradu- been translated into several languages and also has been tran scribed into Braille for the blind. ates nave gone onto win oegrees.It is also on phonograph rec-in various universities and are or(js now filling important posts ini the work-a-day world," Dr.! Continued on Next Page For Complete insuraniice Service FIIANK: II. MORGAN . & CO. 2318 Atlantic Blvd. ' TUphoas 3-1128 and 3-115$ POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA OPENiXG DOR and CHRIS' o w & u s t T a 1 11 13 S. Federal Hwyw Pompano Beach DRAUGHT BEER HAMBURGERS CHILI SHAKY Ttmtrty W Um Serving at Night FORSTER'S " - Undjceping Center OF POMPANO BEACH . EXPERT LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE i Trees Shrubs Plants Annuals Nursery Stock n rift v r l- t Leak for Ik fclf pmim ttt I'onipano Home anil Lawn MainlPiiaiico Co. N. Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach ' Aerm trim Fmm pas Bub Cmntrj Clak Dial 93-6532 ii

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