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Chisholm Rivers interviewed - FT. MYERS: Chisholm Rivers (Ole Chiz) is a...
FT. MYERS: Chisholm Rivers (Ole Chiz) is a Collier County well-driller well-driller well-driller who built a house last year on the Immokalee-Bonita Immokalee-Bonita Immokalee-Bonita Springs road, the only dwelling in that long stretch. Wearing a full beard and going barefoot, Ole Chiz ran for sheriff in the 1940s on the platform that he had been in jail 21 times so knew how to run one. To drive home the point be would scratch a match on the sole of one foot Earlier, he had wrestled I 400-pound 400-pound 400-pound circus gorilla and stayed the required six minutes. "I got an arm lock on his leg and that ole gorilla climbed up to the rafters with me hangin on til the gong sounded," he recites. LIKE ALL public libraries, the local one has constant trouble getting its books back. A lawyer member of the board drew up an ordinance making failure to return a book after formal notice petty larceny. A TV time salesman who had kept a book and two albums of classical records since 1957, despite many warnings, was prosecuted and acquitted on the defense that since they were borrowed with the consent of the owner, theft intent could not be proven. DR. EUGENE CLARK, director of the Cape Haze (Vanderbilt) Marine Laboratory, is on a lecture tour and Gulf. sharks are getting a rest Though the shark has the name of being a mindless thing, Dr. Clark has trained two lemon sharks to ring a bell for food by pressing their noses against an underwater button. The food is tied to a string and left in the water only 10 seconds. If the sharks can't locate it in that time, they miss a meal; and gradually the point where the food is dropped has been moved further and further from the bell-button. bell-button. bell-button. Capt Oley Farver is her shark-catcher. shark-catcher. shark-catcher. Hooks are baited in the late afternoon and hauled in early the next morning. Being The BEACHCOMBER By Pass In Review WESLEY STOUT boneless, that tiger of the sea is a delicate thing out of water, and they are boated in a special craft with a removable stern gate. The laboratory loses two thirds of its catches. Some fight themselves to death on the hook, some are eaten by other sharks, others commit suicide by battering their heads against the tank walls or by refusing to eat but the two lemon sharks, after two years, are as happy as moths in a fur coat You will remember Eugenie Clark as the author of "Lady With a Spear." She is the mother of three young children. Three weeks after the birth of the youngest, she was skin-diving skin-diving skin-diving at 65 feet NAPLES HAS probably the world's only hospital decorated by Dorothy Draper. She is no Neapolitan, but the Lester Norrises hired her as their contribution to the hospitaL Mrs. Nonis is a niece of John W. (Bet You a Million) Gates. ' Like most hospitals on this coast that at Naples is supported by contributions. Immokalee, a kind of Florida Lower Sloboda, has no hospital and the growers dump their ailing migrants on Naples. Though such field hands are only two per cent of admissions, admissions, their unpaid bills are 21 per cent of the total Three Naples doctors who gave $3,030 of medical services to 43 migrants, collected collected only $119. We suspect that Collier is not the only county in South Florida where the growers get a free ride. WULFERT IS a lost hamlet on Sanibel. In a 1912 Ft Myers Press we found this: "There was great excitement at Wulfert Tues-. Tues-. Tues-. day. The town was awakened from her midday nap by an unusual sound. We sat up, rubbed our eyes and listened. Hark! Can it be? No! Yes, it is! We rushed to our doors and craned our necks. An automobile! The first in Wulfert, driven by Dr. W. B. Winkler, accompanied by Mrs. Winkler." maintain are so. not we negotiations of Soviets West By Berlin and is Soviet ' end relax that act to the sir?

Clipped from
  1. Fort Lauderdale News,
  2. 13 Jul 1960, Wed,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 6

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