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Alligator,_Warning_not_classics - 'Alligator', 'Warning' not classics ALLIGATOR A...
'Alligator', 'Warning' not classics ALLIGATOR A 36-foot 36-foot 36-foot mutant alligator roams the sewers of a midwestern city. With Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Michael Gazzo. Directed by Lewis Teague. Rated R (gory violence). WITHOUT WARNING Low-budget Low-budget Low-budget chiller about a small-scale small-scale small-scale alien invasion. With Jack Palance, Martin Landau. Directed by Greydon Clark. Rated R (gory violence). violence). By Bill Kelley Entertainment Writer Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sewer ... Alligator, at its best (which is not very much of the time), is a natural B-movie B-movie B-movie idea carried out with malevolent cunning. The premise is simple enough: A child's pet-shop pet-shop pet-shop alligator, flushed down the toilet, grows 12 years later into a ravenous beast nurtured by chemical waste dumped into a city sewer system. This comic book plot has probably probably occurred to most people at MoviC some time, and rpvbV certainly does not KTtt contain the mak- mak- ings of a great science science fiction movie. But at least it has lots of visual potential, from its rampaging monster to the dank at mosphere of the sewers where the creature hides. The problem with the movie is the same thing that plagues all of the films written by John Sayles (Piranha, Battle Beyond the Stars). Sayles is a bright screenwriter who occasionally evinces a talent for nasty black comedy, but his exploitation exploitation pictures resort to broad gags at the most inappropriate -times. -times. The explanation seems to be that Sayles thinks the audience is going to laugh at the movie anyway, anyway, so he's going to disguise the script's shortcomings by mixing intentional intentional jokes amid the unintentional unintentional ones. For the record, Robert Forster is the beleaguered cop on the case, Robin Riker is the obligatory lady scientistlove interest, Michael Gazzo is the chief of police, and Lewis Teague (a young TV veteran) directed the film. Their contributions contributions are all perfunctory. Not much better but considerably considerably more serious, and therefore, therefore, interesting is Without Warning. This is a small-scale small-scale small-scale flip side to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with a 10-foot 10-foot 10-foot invader who is a cruel variation on Steven Spielberg's cuddly aliens. Without Warning differs from Grade-Z Grade-Z Grade-Z 1950s cheapies like It Conquered Conquered the World in just three ways better special effects, very good photography and far more violence. If only because we've had so much philosophy and 'dull moralizing in science fiction movies lately, it is refreshing to meet an extraterrestrial extraterrestrial visitor who just wants to kill us all and considers it a one-man one-man one-man job. The film's recurring gimmick is a collection of glowing parasites that look like day-old day-old day-old fried eggs, but, when hurled by the villain, gnaw their way into his adversaries' adversaries' shoulders,' chests, heads, whatever. v HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES? LET'S GET TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER YOUR HEART! IF YOU ARE 40 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER YOU HAD BETTER READ THIS NOWI Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) Is a major cause of heart attack and stroke. It's a killer.. .yet millions of Americans have hardening of the arteries and don't know Itl WHAT CAUSES HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES? As the aging process continues, deposits deposits called plaques build up in your arteries. These plaques thicken, harden and may clog arteries totally so blood cannot flow freely any longer. The results results can be disastrous! HOW CAN I TELL IF I HAVE HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES? There are warning signs. Cold or burning burning feet, chest pains, numbnessor tingling, tingling, leg cramps, impaired vision, slow healing wounds or lightheadedness, could indicate hardening of the arteries. CAN HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES BE TREATED? You can risk surgery if the conditions WHAT DISEASES CAN BE TREATED WITH CHELATION THERAPY? Hardening Of The Arteries, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Porphyria, Renofithiasis. Scleroderma. WHAT IS THE SUCCESS RATE OF CHELATION THERAPY? Over 80 of Chelation Therapy patients experience relief of symptoms. Blood pressure usually returns to normal, kidney problems are averted and most importantly, the chances of heart attack attack or stroke are greatly reduced or eliminated. THE TIME TO FIND OUT IS NOWI The Lauderdale Medical Center for Preventive & Therapeutic Medicine,

Clipped from
  1. Fort Lauderdale News,
  2. 18 Nov 1980, Tue,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 46

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